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ADEEB has been established to manufacture the indoor and outdoor boards, since 1385H, corresponding to 1965G, and it is a branch of ADEEB INDUSTRIAL & TRADING CO. LTD., in addition to this it’s the first in its field of works and main business by which it is known over the last 50 years since being established.

ADEEB INDOOR & OUTDOOR SIGNAGE INDUSTRIES has the ability, by virtue of its customers, to begin and establish the industry of the instructional boards (sign boards ) in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it was the first factory in the 1st Industrial Area in Riyadh, which has been established current then under the proper industry concepts for producing instructional or informative boards, and related items of providing the latest international market innovations of the instructional boards systems, including related machines, and manufacturing, collection and finishing equipment.

In addition, ADEEB INDOOR & OUTDOOR SIGNAGE INDUSTRIES is always keen to provide its customers diversified sets of the instructional boards systems used all over the world; from USA at west to South Korea at the east, including Britain, France, German, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, China and Taiwan, to cover all customers’ needs of the fixed, mobile or temporary boards, and the digital & interactive boards in order to guarantee and assure huge variety for our customers i.e., building names boards, safety boards, traffic signal boards, road boards, Totem boards, Pylon Boards, and opening boards, in addition to the our excellence and distinctiveness in the precise designs and technical works such as memorial elite gifts and Trophies , and a big sets of the instructional boards systems for offices and directions within buildings.

During the last long years, ADEEB INDOOR & OUTDOOR SIGNAGE INDUSTRIES is able to provide its services to the public establishments in the sector of manufacturing the instructional boards by supplying the most production requirements of raw material, excavation and cutting machines and printing machines of all kinds to be applied on all surfaces using the latest technologies available in the international market as an approved distributer of the biggest companies producing these materials and machines.

Currently, ADEEB INDOOR & OUTDOOR SIGNAGE INDUSTRIES, as a part of ADEEB INDUSTRIAL & TRADING CO. LTD., is executing an ambitious strategy to develop the business in all aspects, commencing from developing the company share in the local and GCC market of the instructional boards industry of all kinds, and all related requirements of providing manufacturing items of these boards to workers, until production of new and innovative types in the local and GCC market.

In order to complete and proceed this strategy, the management of the company is keen to enhance the company capacities by entering and holding new partnerships with the international trademarks related to manufacturing the instructional boards, in addition to enhancing new experiences to be integrated with the existing experiences within the company, which have contributed during long years in the success of the company, in terms of the distinctiveness of the company in the local and GCC market as a leader and pioneer in this field with high quality and high qualified experiences.

The long history of ADEEB and its leadership in quality and high capacities in providing distinctive services all over the Kingdom, give the company confidence of its customers in several main projects which in total represent honor for the company and for all workers in the company.


TEL : +966 11 2041111
EMAIL : info@adeeb.com

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